• The upmarket sausage- Chorizo

    Looking for something a little bit different for your next breakfast or to add to your favourite pizza or pasta meal?  You can’t go past the popular Spanish inspired Chorizo.  Borgo’s Spanish styled paprika sausages containing Beef, Pork, Salt,Dextrose (Corn Based), Spices, Phosphate (450), Antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrite(250)are delicately spiced with just the right amount […]

  • Taleggio Cheese Recipe

    This delicious recipe is best used with Taleggio Cheese bought straight from the Fromagerie at Colin James Fine Foods. We have received great feedback from this recipe, so we strongly encourage you to cook up a storm using Taleggio Cheese and impress your friends this weekend.   Beef Fillet Wrapped in Beer Bacon with Mushroom […]

  • Country Harvest, quality Maleny produce

    The year of 1993 was the leap of faith, that paid off, for Country Harvest. They took a somewhat daring step and began production of their products in Maleny, using the unique flavours of the Australian Bush. Some of their finest products include chutneys, jams, mustards and conserves which boast no preservatives or colouring in […]

  • Dukkah (Duqqa or Dukka)- A ‘must’ ingredient this Spring

    Originating in Egypt, Dukkah was originally a side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts (usually hazelnuts) and spices.  Its name is derived from the Arabic “to pound” as the spices and nuts were usually dry roasted and then pounded together until they were between a powder and paste like consistency. The actual composition […]

  • Love your balsamic? Come and try Giuseppe Giusti

    Giuseppe Giusti is Italy’s oldest producer of Balsamic vinegars and have been credited for creating the original recipe. As the world’s most famous Balsamic vinegar producer, based in Modena Italy, Giusti Balsamic Vinegar today represents a prestigious product present in exclusive stores, including Colin James Fine Foods, and on the tables of the finest restaurants […]

  • Blackall Country Cheese Taste Testing

    When tasting cheese it comes down to the textures that are created on your pallet after indulging yourself in this little life pleasure. However some may argue it is also about the passion. Fortunately for Graeme from Blackall Country Cheese he has mastered both these elements with taste testers at Colin James proving this notion […]

  • Interesting Facts about Monterey Jack

    The Monterey Jack cheese originates from Monterey, California hence the name. In its earliest form Monterey Jack was made by the Mexican Franciscan friars during the 19th century. David Jack, a Californian businessman, produced a mild, white cheese which he sold commercially as “Jack’s Cheese” which later became known as “Monterey Jack”. Monterey Jack is […]

  • Bite my Biscuit … Yes Please!

    Bite My Biscuit is an Australian owned business established in 2004 by Paul Edwards, a chef for over 22 years. Based in Brisbane, he specialises in making amazing shortbread biscuits using traditional methods, all natural ingredients, no food colourings or preservatives and with good wholesome butter. All biscuits are handmade in his kitchen which has […]