The Cheese Shop (Fromagerie)


Colin James Cheese Shop (Fromagerie) is packed with a wide selection of cheese produced in Australia and throughout the world.  If you love blue mould cheeses our selection ranges in strength from quite mild and creamy to the popular strong blues such as Stilton, Gorgonzola Piccante and the unpasteurised sheep’s milk Roquefort. Our most popular white moulds are always the delighfully rich, creamy and decadent triple creams mainly sourced from Australia and France.  Washed rinds (usually the smelliest cheeses in our shop) range from the soft, creamy and delightful to the strong and pungent.  There’s always a great range of traditional cheddars from mild, to matured to the vintage.  If you love to experiment with new flavours there’s smoked and flavoured cheddars to tempt your taste buds.  Versatile and tasty Swiss style cheeses, goudas, fresh style cheese, pecorino and parmesans are also found packed onto our shelves.  Customers on special diets or for those who simply love the taste and texture of goat and sheep milk cheese will be sure to find something truly yummy in our range of these cheeses.

Our cold meat selection includes a range of Italian style Salamis, sliced leg ham, proscuitto, sliced freshly cooked chicken and turkey breast.  These products are gluten free and are used in our sandwiches and platters which can be purchased in our cafe.  Our large selection of Bunnyconnellen organic olives, produced in Crows Nest on the Darling Downs, enables our customers to purchase olives prepared in oil with delightful flavours such as herbs, garlic and chilli added.  Dried figs, fruit pastes, balsamic onions, muscatels on the vine, a varied range of freshly prepared pate and a selection of water crackers and crispbreads are all great products to add to your next cheese or antipasto platter.  A visit to our fromagerie will delight any connoisseur.

A visit to our fromagerie enables customers to taste the cheese before purchasing. Cut from the wheel ensures the cheese that you purchase is fresh and has been allowed to fully develop its true flavour.

Please note that the availability of some cheeses can vary according to the season, quarantine restrictions and the selection available from our distributors.  If you are looking for a specific cheese, please contact our business on 07-54942860 and one of our staff will be able to give you information on availability and prices.


* Prices and availability of cheese may vary throughout the year.