White Mould Cheese

White Mould Cheese

White Mould Cheese

These delightful cheeses range from bries and camemberts to the deliciously decadent triple creams.

During production, the high moisture content and the use of special cultures, such as Penicillium candidum, encourages a downy white bloom to grow on the surface of the cheese.  This is repsonsible for maturing the cheese which ripens from the centre of the cheese to the outside.  As ripening occurs the centre softens and develops its wonderful flavour.  The result is a creamy, smooth, voluptuous interior that, when perfect, looks as though it is almost ready to run.  Often the white rind can display a slightly pinkish or even orange tinge.  The white rind is completely edible and actually adds to the texture and taste of the cheese. Bries and Camemberts made in the traditional style will take time to ripen and, in doing so, will develop deliciously complex flavours and great textures.  When modern methods are used the product is ready to eat sooner and these bries and camemberts tend to have a milder flavour and more consistent texture.  Triple Creams are enriched during the cheese making process with the addition of extra cream.  When truly ripe they display a centre with the texture of whipped butter.

Bries and Camemberts were traditionally made in specific sized round moulds, however many cheesemakers today make them in a variety of shapes and sizes for convenience in buying and to add interest to their product.

Colin James Fine Foods stocks a selection of Australian and French white mould cheese, the most popular being the triple creams.

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